Unique Birds on Socotra Island

We cannot deny the diversity of fauna and flora on the island of Socotra, some of which come from bird species.

Unique Birds on Socotra Island
Unique Bird on Socotra

Socotra Island is mysterious and isolated; some even call it an alien island or the Antichrist's hideout.

But who would have thought this island is home to many rare species of both flora and fauna? The fauna and flora on Socotra Island can adapt to unfavorable environments, including hot and dry conditions, resulting in a unique and different appearance from the species of fauna and flora in general or that we often encounter.

So, here Mina has summarized several bird species in the Socotra Island area which are certainly unique and make you curious, let's look at the following reviews:


Unique Bird on Socotra Island 

1. Sunbird or Socotra Sunbird

socotra sunbird

Socotra Sunbird Image | dibird.com

This fauna is a bird species from the Nectariniidae family and one of Socotra Island's endemic animals.

Quoted from the World Atlas, the adaptation of this bird is almost similar to the Starling Bird because they can survive in the ecosystem of humid tropical shrubs and highland shrubs.

This Sunbird is not included as an endangered species like other endemic animals. It's just that this bird has the risk of losing its habitat as the main danger.

The Socotra Sunbird has a brown appearance with a combination of white; some have stripes on their feathers. They also have a loud and varied voice, which can be a quick burst of melody or a long one.

2. Socotra Starling or Socotra Starling

socotra starling

Socotra Starling Images | commons.wikimedia.org

Unlike the starlings, this bird can only be found on Socotra Island and is threatened with habitat loss.

According to Richard Porter, the Socotra Starling is a flexible and docile bird. Besides that, he can also live in various types of environments if observed from various nests.

Socotra Starling is very comfortable living in vegetation such as moist subtropical soil, tropical dry forest, dry scrubland, and certain areas.

The Socotra Starling is quite large; it has a dark but shiny color and a long tail.

3. Warblers Socotra

socotra warbler

Socotra Warbler Image | www.larsfoto.se

This type of fauna mostly lives in cool tropical bushland or dry scrubland. The Socotra Warbler is slightly longer, with a cream-colored face and neck. Most of them are carnivores because they eat insects.

The Socotra warbler builds nests out of grass and decorates them with moss so that the dwelling is a structured ball.

So, those are some unique facts about the fauna or flora of the bird species on Socotra Island. Interesting right? Share the link to this article with your friends, so it's not just you who knows. Greetings from Mina!