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Terms & Conditions

Tafansa.id is a medium that discusses various kinds of knowledge from all fields, such as psychology, health, interesting facts about the world, and others.

The purpose of developing the tafansa.id site is to create jobs for freelance daily workers; most articles published on tafansa.id are purchased from various authors.

We create a comfortable and safe environment and need some helpful information that the system will use.

This privacy policy page covers how we receive, store, and manage user data. By visiting our site, the user agrees and consents to us accepting, keeping, and managing user data.


How Do We Receive Information?

1. Via Users

When a user registers, the user must provide some information such as email, username, and all data entered by the user into our system.

2. Third Parties

We use third-party tools such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, and others. Third parties will automatically receive user data that visits the site and will later be used to facilitate system analysis.


How Do We Manage User Data?

User information will be stored in our database; some data is stored permanently and used for website development, such as identification and communication. We use this information as an analysis value to provide the best service.

We care about the security of your information; some of your data will go through an encryption process before entering the database.


Special Licensing

Some of our features require access to the user's phone storage media. This access is only needed when the user opens the storage media to upload images or other files. Our system does not have the authority to access the user's storage media independently.

Copyright All basic elements used to build this site are licensed assets. The site program uses licensed Varient scripts, and all images and font types use free licensed assets and Creative Commons.

Users' images, text, or other file formats fall into the UGC (User Generated Content) category or user-generated content.


This privacy policy may change occasionally, either with or without notice.