Solutions to Overcome Body Pain and Fatigue

Exercising is one of the solutions to overcome frequent body aches. This is because by exercising, the body's muscles will not be stiff.

Solutions to Overcome Body Pain and Fatigue
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The older a person gets the more health also decreases. Many factors influence it. Among the causes are lack of sleep, lack of exercise, frequent fast food eating, lack of nutritious food and stress. Of course, these things cause a person to easily feel sore and tired.

A body that is often sore and tired makes work and daily activities more difficult to do. More time is wasted, and work efficiency and effectiveness are reduced. Even until the work becomes neglected and the results are not as expected.

Here are some solutions to deal with a body that is often sore and tired:


How to Overcome Body Pain Often

1. Get enough sleep

Most people are now literate in technology, so they like to stay up late and sleep late, especially because there is a lot of information they want to get or are addicted to playing cell phones for gaming and social media. During the day, we carry out various activities such as school, college, homework or work. Of course, our body is tired of many activities to complete. After these various activities are completed, we should immediately rest and not stay up or sleep late. The body needs enough sleep to recover from fatigue during daily activities. If the required sleep time is not met, then the feeling of fatigue in our body will not fully recover and result in a body that gets tired quickly and gets sore easily.

2. Eat enough nutritious food and eat less fast food

Eat nutritious food containing calories and vitamins that are good for health. These calories are energy that helps the body to carry out daily activities so it doesn't get tired easily. Fast food also contains calories, but nutritious food has various vitamins and minerals that make the body healthier. In contrast, fast food has very low or even non-existent vitamins and minerals. The need for calories and vitamins, and minerals need to be fulfilled properly so that the body doesn't get sore easily and doesn't get tired quickly. For example, a lack of vitamin D causes muscles to tire quickly.

3. Move a lot or exercise diligently

Rebates may be very desirable. But constantly lying down makes the body ache easily and get tired quickly. Why is that? When lying down, we move less, and the body responds by reducing blood circulation so that the muscles are deprived of oxygen. This causes the brain's pain-sensing nerves to activate and trigger a feeling of soreness. Then if asked to do an activity which previously had very little activity, of course, the body will tire quickly because the energy in the body runs out faster.

Besides that, too much activity or excessive exercise also causes the body to feel sore and tired easily. Because when the activity is greater than what is usually done, the body will be 'shocked', which causes energy to be drained more quickly and increased expenditure of lactic acid, a substance that causes a feeling of aches.

4. Good time management

Too much activity causes the body to ache easily and tire quickly. In addition, too little activity also causes the body to ache easily and tire quickly. Then what should be done?

Therefore, we have good time management. How many hours will we spend working, exercising, daily routine activities, studying and sleeping? Usually, the body will give a tired signal when the activity is almost at its limit. At that time, you can stop and rest so that the body can recover and nothing unwanted happens. But if you feel you are still capable or want to go beyond your limits, just continue with your activities but be careful.

5. Healing or meditation to relieve stress

Believe it or not, stress can cause your body to ache easily and get tired quickly. This is related to psychosomatic symptoms, namely physical symptoms that arise because of thoughts or emotions due to stress. Physical symptoms include dizziness, abdominal pain, back pain and fatigue. Therefore, relieving stress, or at least reducing stress, it can make the body not ache easily and not get tired quickly. The method? You can do healing or meditation and get rid of all kinds of negative thoughts that disturb your mind.


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