POCO F4 GT, God Specs Gaming phone Reduced Price

POCO F4 GT will drop in price from IDR 8,999,000 to IDR 7,999,000 on January 16 2023. This god-spec gaming cellphone offers comfort at a pocket-friendly price

POCO F4 GT, God Specs Gaming phone Reduced Price

One of the smartphone brands, POCO, released a device in the flagship segment, namely the F4 GT, at a cheaper price. It is known that the POCO F4 GT was initially priced at IDR 8,999,000 and has now dropped to IDR 7,999,000. You can get the product at this new price starting January 16, 2023.

According to POCO Indonesia's Head of Marketing, Andi Renreng, this will increase POCO consumers, especially hardcore gamers. So, consumers can get their desire to have the fastest smart device currently from the POCO brand.

Of course, playing your favourite mobile games will be more comfortable if you have a cell phone with excellent specifications like this.

The POCO F4 GT is powered by one of Qualcomm's current flagship chipsets, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. It's not surprising that the performance of this cellphone is anti-slow when used for playing games and multitasking by running lots of heavy applications.

This is because this series is also equipped with L1+R1 triggers, so it can make the POCO F4 GT machine like a gaming machine.

"POCO F4 GT lets you control with enormous precision. "Apart from that, you can also arrange it according to your wishes," said Andi.

This device has a pop-up trigger design with magnetic levitation technology. So, this phone can easily surpass 1.5 million presses and has also been tested on over 100 popular games.

POCO also offers an experience using a stable, responsive device that is durable when playing and working.

For information, under normal conditions, apart from being used for playing games, L1+R1 triggers can also be converted into shortcuts to activate the flash, camera and video recording.

Lastly, this cellphone also has a gaming turbo performance feature, which aims to make its performance even more advanced when playing games.

This performance does not change, meaning it remains stable even when used for playing games for a long time. This is because of Liquid Cool 3.0 technology with a dual vapour chamber covering an area of 4860mm².

So, cellphone temperature management can be regulated and remain reasonable. You don't need to worry that your cellphone will heat up quickly because the smartphone's temperature is always reasonable.

Image source: https://img.antaranews.com/cache/800x533/2023/01/13/C15386ED-F565-42AE-BB0E-AB5C33BDBABA.jpeg.webp