2 Ways to Enlarge iPhone Memory Without Deleting Photos and Videos

How to increase iPhone memory without deleting photos and videos. Loose memory can make you update iOS, add applications, and store more data.

2 Ways to Enlarge iPhone Memory Without Deleting Photos and Videos
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Phone memory is one of the things that are important for user convenience. Relieved memory can make users install more applications to help with their daily activities. They can also store more data on their devices.

For iPhone users, the many activities carried out on the cellphone will make the memory run low. This is because a lot of data or files are stored on the device.

If this happens, iPhone users can no longer install new apps or update iOS. So the first thing that comes to mind is definitely deleting photos and videos to increase storage capacity.

Did you know that the iPhone has two settings to keep the memory free even if you have to store a lot of data? Knowing these two ways means you don't need to delete your favorite photos or videos.

The first way is to optimize photos and videos. The trick is to go to the "Settings" menu, select the photos you want to optimize, and activate the "iCloud Photos" setting.

Next, turn on the "Optimize iPhone Storage" tag. After turning on the optimization feature, the photos and videos you just took will be sent to iCloud so that it can reduce the full resolution of the newly recorded data.

This will prevent the memory from filling up quickly because the stored photos and videos have a lower resolution.

However, you don't need to worry because you can get those high-resolution photos again by downloading these photos and videos from the Photos application.

So, you don't lose and can get good quality photos and videos anytime. If your data is too much, you can also buy additional capacity on iCloud, you know!

The second way is to offload applications that are rarely used. This feature makes applications that are seldom used unusable but are not deleted from your favorite iPhone.

Unlike deleting an application, by using this feature, you don't need to sign in to the offloaded application. If one day you need this application, you only need to visit the "App Library" and then download the application again.

Meanwhile, how to use this offload feature is to click "Settings." Then select "General" After that, select "iPhone Storage" to see the applications with the most memory space.

All you have to do is select the desired application and then select "offload." However, this method cannot be used for default applications, such as the camera.


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