Everlasting flower! These are 4 Rarely Known Facts about the Edelweiss Flower

Not only known as a perennial flower, some facts about this edelweiss flower are quite astonishing, one of which is that it is forbidden to pick it carelessly!

Everlasting flower! These are 4 Rarely Known Facts about the Edelweiss Flower
Image of Edelweiss Flower

Having the Latin name Anaphalis Javanica, Edelweiss flowers are usually found on several mountains in Indonesia when climbing. The Edelweiss flower is known for having a 'beautiful' and beautiful shape and appearance so many mountain climbers want to pick and store it. Unfortunately, not everyone is allowed to pick Edelweiss flowers carelessly.

This flower, known as the 'eternal flower', is often used to symbolize 'love' for some people who are in a relationship with the hope that their love story will last as long as the meaning of the Edelweiss flower itself. The nickname is also still closely related to the flowering time which is quite long. As it is known that this Edelweiss flower does not die or wilt easily. One of the causes is the presence of the hormone ethylene which makes the Edelweiss flower petals not fall off easily.


Rarely Known Facts about the Edelweiss Flower

Summarized from various sources, here are some interesting facts about the Edelweiss flower that you need to know!

1. Edelweiss Flowers Found More Than 200 Years Ago

It is known that the Edelweiss flower was first discovered in 1819 by Georg Carl Reinwardt who was a naturalist from Germany. This means that the Edelweiss flower is more than 200 years old since it was first discovered. Edelweiss flowers are also different from plants in general, even though they are nicknamed 'eternal flowers' and are known not to be easily damaged, Edelweiss flowers will rot more easily if exposed to too much water.

2. Overseas

It turns out that Edelweiss flowers are not only found in Indonesia. If in Indonesia it is better known by its Latin name Anaphalis Javanica, this Edelweiss flower has a different Latin name abroad. This flower can indeed be found in several other countries. For other variants outside Indonesia, the Edelweiss flower has the Latin name Leontopodium Alpinum.

3. Part of the Tengger Tribe Customs

Edelweiss flowers are also part of the culture of the Tengger tribe in the highlands of Mount Bromo. It is known that the Tengger tribe itself preserves these flowers on Mount Bromo. They cultivate Edelweiss flowers through a self-help program. Almost every house in the Tengger tribe has Edelweiss flowers as one of their plants. This is because of several traditional rituals carried out by the Tengger tribe from generation to generation using Edelweiss flowers in it.

The Tengger people believe that the Edelweiss flower is a symbol of immortality and has good value for society. Not only that, the Tengger tribe itself often holds a ceremony using Edelweiss flowers as part of offerings in their religious rituals, such as the Karo, Kasada, Leliwet ceremonies, and Entas-entas for Hinduism.

4. Flowers That Can't be Picked Carelessly

As previously mentioned, Edelweiss flowers are not allowed to be picked carelessly. This is because the Edelweiss flower is a rare flower whose existence is almost extinct. Edelweiss flowers are even one of the protected plants. That's why climbers should not pick Edelweiss flowers when they find them while climbing.

Article 33 paragraph 1 of the law contains a prohibition against picking Edelweiss flowers. In Law Number 5 of 1990 concerning the Conservation of Biological Resources and Ecosystems, it is stated that picking or removing the Edelweiss flower will be subject to a penalty of IDR 100 million.


Those are some interesting facts about the Edelweiss flower, which is also believed to be a symbol of expressing love.


Edelweiss Flower Illustration: (Pixabay/ivansamudra)