Zoom Shares 4 Tips to Tighten Cyber ​​Security in 2023

Cyber ​​security in 2023 will become important and part of the company's long-term investment. Adding HR skills is also necessary to anticipate attacks.

Zoom Shares 4 Tips to Tighten Cyber ​​Security in 2023
Cyber ​​Security

In this digital era, cyber security is very important. This is due to the increasing number of internet users, especially since the pandemic era, which forced many things to go online.

Many companies also use technological sophistication to facilitate their business. Thus, malware attacks to Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) stalk the cyber security of users.

Especially recently, the virtual world has been shocked by data leaks due to hacking; of course, this makes some people uneasy. A large number of companies with expanding digital footprints using a hybrid work style is one of the factors.

So, a sophisticated and strong system and data protection is needed to avoid data theft. This is part of the company's long-term business strategy that cannot be underestimated.

There are 4 points that enterprise cyber security needs to pay attention to in 2023. These include increasing focus, protection from spear phishing and other social engineering attacks, software supply chain instability that can become a loophole for large-scale cyber attacks, and, finally, increasing dependency on cloud technology.

Starting from increasing the focus on cyber security, which includes many things, such as recovery and continuity.

tafansa.id quoted via Antara that Zoom's Chief Information Security Officer, Michael Adams, said that companies need to invest in human resources.

This is because the skills of the people behind the scenes enable them to process and mitigate the impact of cyberattacks and continue the company's operations after the incident.

"Then secondly, in the next year, spear phishing and social engineering attacks using deep-fake technology and artificial intelligence will become more sophisticated. So it will be increasingly difficult to identify the perpetrators," said Adams.

Furthermore, in the third point, in recent years, attacks on software have become a special focus.

For example, the United States. They use Executive Order security for government software.

"However, the company's focus can start from a zero-trust approach to increasing the security of infrastructure services. So that cyber security becomes even stronger, "he added.

Finally, flexible cloud technology makes it usable in various areas. However, companies are becoming more vulnerable to attack. So, the strategy for security technology and cloud protection needs to be rethought.

"Evaluations for third parties need to be carried out thoroughly by the leaders of the company's IT team. Apart from that, they also need to understand the technology used for the backend," concluded Adams.

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