Child Literacy Digital Security, Parental Supervision Is Very Important

Digital literacy security in 2023 can be created with parental supervision. Taking time and applying understanding to children is very important to do.

Child Literacy Digital Security, Parental Supervision Is Very Important
Digital Literacy for Children

Almost everyone, including children, is struggling with online devices in this digital era. Starting from studying to playing games, they do everything in the digital space.

Kaspersky Safe Kids also surveyed cartoons and games that children like. This research was conducted from 28 August to 28 November 2022. The results showed that 50.48% of children spend much time watching cartoons.

Many children now like the animation "Zootopia+" released by Disney+. They also like the movie "Enola Holmes 2" and the series "Inside Job" on Netflix.

As for games, they like Roblox and Minecraft. Apart from that, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, God of War Ragnarök, and Just Dance 2023 Edition are also quite popular.

Apart from these two things, it turns out that children also monitor the changing trends. According to Kaspersky, children know about the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup and other sports that people are talking about.

Web content analysis expert at Kaspersky, Anna Larkin, says "We are constantly monitoring children's interests, and trends are fast changing. New memes, movies, and heroes will keep popping up at any given time.

The amount of time children spend in cyberspace certainly makes it difficult for parents to supervise. Trends will continue to change, and few parents understand this, especially those busy with work matters.

There are four tips that Anna gave so that children can stay safe while exploring the virtual world. First, spending time with children, using control applications, paying attention to their habits, and discussing cyber security.

The first point, show interest in children's online activities. You can try to watch your favorite series or listen to music together. So you have more control.

This control process can be assisted by the second tip, namely, using the help of a parental control application. Don't forget to discuss the importance of this program with your little one, OK?

It also makes children understand that sensitive information can only be known through messengers with people they know in real life.

Then what is less important is your habits. Avoid using smartphones while eating or talking. This bad habit is certainly easy for children to imitate. Finally, make children understand the cyber world in a fun way.

According to a Kaspersky survey quoted by Reuters, such is the digital world of children.

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